Adult Studies and Life Groups

Our church offers a variety of learning settings for both seekers and followers of Jesus Christ in order to provide education and fellowship opportunities necessary for Christian maturity. We believe our mission will be accomplished by exploring and studying the Word of God, by instilling and nourishing a deep love for God’s Word, and by providing a foundational understanding of the Christian faith.

Due to Covid-19 restriction of in-person gatherings at the church, Sunday Morning Adult Sunday School classes are being held virtually using Zoom, and have been scheduled on weekday evenings.  When the restrictions are lifted, these classes will resume in person on Sunday morning.  

Tuesday Evening Bible Study

Meets virtually by Zoom on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 pm

In God’s image is a reference to humankind, whom God created; but the phrase also applies to the incarnation, the coming of God’s Son into the world in human form. As followers of Jesus, we are being remade into the image of Christ. Think about the relationship God wants to have with us and how God is sending Jesus to make that relationship possible. Hope. Preparing the way of Jesus, the hope of the world and Good News. Our Holy God. We will examine how God defines holiness, how holiness is nourished and what holiness means. How can we be holy as we live in the world?

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9:15 am Adult Sunday School Class

Meeting In-Person and by Zoom on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm

LPC’s 9:15 am Adult Sunday School class will begin a new five-week study on Wednesday evening, February 3rd at 6:30 pm.  You can join us in person in the Fellowship Hall, or via Zoom.  We will be discussing N. T. Wright’s most recent and timely book, God and the Pandemic.  This relatively short (87 pages), but thought-provoking book, considers a range of Christian responses to the pandemic.  What are we supposed to think about the Coronavirus crisis?  Is it a sign of the end time, or is it a call to repent because God is judging us, or should we assign blame and condemnation on the Chinese, the government, the W.H.O.? 

The author serves as our guide to read the events of today in light of Jesus' death and resurrection, and he lays out a different way of seeing and responding to the Coronavirus pandemic.  His approach draws on Scripture, Christian history, and the way of living, thinking, and praying revealed to us by Jesus.  In doing so he considers questions such as


  •          What should be the Christian response?
  •          How should we think about God?
  •          How do we live in the present?
  •          Why should we lament?
  •          What should we learn about ourselves?
  •          How do we recover?


Let us know if you plan to attend so that we can send you the Zoom meeting link for the class.  If you have any questions or would like a book ($11.00), please complete the online information form to request more about this class.

Monday-Tuesday Co-Ed Bible Studies

The Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon Bible Studies led by Patsy Macintire is taking a break during the winter-spring 2021 and will resume in September

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Life Groups

LIFE GROUPS are small groups of 8-12 people from our church who meet together at least monthly (September - May) for fellowship, Bible study, prayer and outreach. The purpose of the Life Groups is to take the next step in growing our faith walk studying the Bible, building relationships, praying and serving and serving others. We believe the mission of the church is to make disciples - Matt 28. Each group studies the same material and everyone has their own study book. Groups are led by Pastor Greg and Elders, and they meet at different days and times during the month in homes or at church.  During this Covid-19 period, the groups meet virtually using Zoom.  The study for the Fall 2020 is Faith: Depending on God, by Dale and Sandy Larsen.  Please complete and submit the online registration form if you are interested in joining or learning more about LPC’s Life Groups.   We pray that you will consider being a part of this ministry.