Lewes Area Study Place

The Lewes Area Study Place (LASP) has been in operation since 2004 and is housed and supported by the Lewes Presbyterian Church.  

The Lewes Area Study Place strives to provide a high quality,  after school program designed for 1st – 5th grade youth to help achieve success in school and life. We offer activities that support topics learned during the day in regular school , in a fun and challenging way.

We do this in partnership with our families, and community to provide a safe nurturing environment that promotes and models respect, positive self-esteem, academic achievement, communications skills, and  character development within a Christian framework.

The program follows the Cape Henlopen School District calendar and serves students in grades 1 – 5.  LASP is available for any student no matter what school they attend. However, a school bus, from the Lewes Elementary School, brings students to the program at 3:30 pm.   Parents pick up their children at 6:15 pm.



Increasing school connectedness for our families is important.  Families receive a monthly newsletter that keeps them up to date with what’s going on at their child(s) school as well as LASP.

We encourage parents to participate in the program by serving as volunteers and as members of our Advisory Committee.  Programs are offered during the school year that help involve parents in their child’s education.  LASP students are invited to attend Kids Sunday School and Vacation Bible School.


The Lewes Area Study Place offers opportunities for volunteers. 

Volunteers provide assistance with homework, reading and math enrichment, and a variety of other enrichment and recreational activities. Based on their backgrounds and interests, volunteers assist staff in helping guide children to become successful in school and in life.


For more information about volunteering, contact Teresa Lockerman at (302) 645-5345 or tlockerman@mchsi.com



The Lewes Area Study Place is offered to students free of charge.


If you would like to donate to this program financially please contact Lewes Presbyterian Church. Phone: 302.645.5345

  E-Mail: lpchurch@gmail.com

You may also make an  online donation to this program.