Current Events

  • 8:15 AM adult sunday school class

    The 8:15 a.m. Adult Sunday School Class meets in the Conference Room behind the offices in the Welcome Center. Everyone is WELCOME. 

    The Winter Study is looking at "Our Love for God", which ends Sunday, February 24, 2019.

    The Spring Study will be titled "Discipleship and Mission". Calls to service, as recorded in the gospels of Matthew and Luke, will be highlighted. The writer of this study, Elizabeth Soto Albrecht, is a professor at Lancaster Theological Seminary in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  The Spring study begins Sunday, March 3, 2019

    For additional information, contact Clarence Bauman or Barbara Barkdoll.

  • 9:00 AM Adult Sunday School Class

    On April 28th the 9:00 am Adult Sunday School class will begin a six-week study of the book Jonah The Prodigal Prophet: Jonah and the Mystery of God’s Mercy, by pastor and New York Times best-selling author Timothy Keller.   Pastor Greg will be preaching a sermon series on Jonah during the same weeks.


    The story of Jonah is one of the most well-known parables in the Bible. It is also the most misunderstood. Many people, even those who are nonreligious, are familiar with Jonah: A rebellious prophet who defies God and is swallowed by a whale. But there's much more to Jonah's story than most of us realize. Tim Keller makes the case that Jonah was one of the worst prophets in the entire Bible. And yet there are unmistakably clear connections between Jonah, the prodigal son, and Jesus. Jesus in fact saw himself in Jonah. How could one of the most defiant and disobedient prophets in the Bible be compared to Jesus? Jonah's journey also doesn't end when he is freed from the belly of the fish. There is an entire second half to his story--but it is left unresolved within the text of the Bible. Why does the book of Jonah end on what is essentially a cliffhanger? In his book, Keller provides an answer to the extraordinary conclusion of this biblical parable and shares the powerful Christian message at the heart of Jonah's story.

    Everyone is welcome; come join us in the Library at 9:00 a.m.  If you would like a copy of the book ($13.00 payable to LPC), or if you would like more information,contact Jim or Marianne Miller.

  • Kids for Christ

    Kids For Christ  meets the 2nd & 4th Fridays of each month thru May 10, 2019 from 6:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m. The schedule changes slightly in November and December due to holidays. We provide dinner for the children and adult/youth volunteers. 

    Kids for Christ is like a mini-vacation Bible school offering Bible stories, crafts, games, snacks and music. It is also considered an outreach program as we have many children attending from our surrounding community and after school program. All children ages 3 yrs. old thru those in the 6th grade are invited to attend. Registration forms are available in the Welcome Center in October. 

    Adults and youth (7th grade and older) interested in volunteering and anyone with further questions, please contact Denise Barnes by calling (302) 236-2479.