LPC’s missions, both local and abroad, are encouraging examples of this congregation’s determination to be a blessing to all God’s people. Thank God that we may participate personally in the outreach of LPC. As you view those pictured and listed here, please envision the larger outreach our church is privileged to have through each one. Ask God to uphold their daily life and their work. Pray for each one to have insight, courage, provisions and safety. And last, but certainly not least, pray for God to help you discover your role in His charge to us in Mark 16:15 to “Go into the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation.”

Global Missions Supported

Following are some of the ministries LPC is supporting, with links to their websites, if available: 

Congo 10-Year Partnership

Ten years ago, we started our journey of partnering with our Presbyterian friends in Lungandu Church. Who would have guessed the blessings we have both received as a result. We were for the most part ignorant about the people, lifestyle, church activities and needs of the people in that church. They were excited about the partnership but not really knowing what to expect. 

During these ten years we have exchanged visits to learn more about each other and to share our faith. With the financial contributions from us, they labored to build a school. About 9,000 children have received a primary education. Many of those have continued on to secondary schools. The women received a grant to build a business center for their sewing business which in turn allowed them to earn an income. Local labor was used to construct the building. What an impact this has made for the people in that church! We know they have often had twenty four hour prayer vigils to strengthen our partnership as well as special needs we have shared with them. We have also prayed for those who were sick and in need in their church. 

Our friends in the Congo truly believe that God has brought us together for a special purpose. The personal relationship is what has kept this partnership strong.

Local Missions Supported

Lewes Presbyterian Church follows the practice of allowing members and other contributors to pledge specifically to mission activities and to general operating expenses. In recent years, LPC mission giving has represented about 20 percent of total contributions. Just under 50 percent of total mission giving is for local missions. In addition, LPC Covenant Partners have assumed leadership positions in a number of the local missions and also contribute many volunteer hours to these programs. 

In 2018, LPC committed funds to 12 local mission organizations. The following are local missions we support and links to their websites, if available: