Library Resources

The Library Committee is trying to retrieve some items that have been borrowed for a long period of time--items you may have forgotten you borrowed. Please check the list on the library bulletin board to see if you may have some library items in your home and return them so others might share them. Thank you so much!

  • John Vessels Memorial Library

    The John Vessels Memorial Library at LPC offers a variety of Christian reading/listening /viewing materials.The classification system includes such sections as Christian Growth (CG), Parenting and Family (PF), Family DVDs (F/DVD) to name a few. Borrowing from the library is free and done the old fashioned way-signing out a card. The library committee will highlight a few items for each update of the website. We encourage everyone to use the library and feel free to offer suggestions for additions. 

  • New Additions to the Library


    Author: Kenneth C. Hauck, Ph.D.

    This is a new book being entered into our Church Library. Whenever you learn about a cancer diagnosis, you can invite the person with cancer to read this book, or share it with the patient's loved ones. People who have received the book have said that it's valuable at any time, whether soon after the diagnosis or later on. This book helps people make sense of difficult feelings, decide how to tell others and understand key medical issues so they're better able to work with their medical team.

    Last month one of our church members, James Spellman, MD, had an article in Coastal Delaware (September 10, pg. 37) entitled "Treating Cancer With Heated Chemotherapy." Hyperthermic Intraoperative Peritoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) is a method of treating cancer by delivering heated chemotherapy directly into the abdomen. This type of cancer treatment has been very successful in removing cancers of the stomach, appendix, colon and ovaries.

    The Library Committee cannot thank the congregational donors enough for adding to our shelves. As always, if you have any suggestions for purchase, please drop a note in the Library mailbox. If you have any "overdue" items, please return them so that others might enjoy them. (There are a few items that were signed out in 2003--do you have any LPC library books/CDs/etc. tucked away in a corner of your home?) The Library Committee would love to hear any review you might have of a book you feel would benefit others. By the way, if you pull a book off a shelf and can't remember where to return it--please don't fret; just drop it in the return box and we will shelve it. 

    Please come in to the LPC library to browse, read a magazine or check out a book or DVD. The library is not just a meeting room!